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Book 2 in The Adventures of Sunny the Mouse

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May 5th 2023
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Newest Addition!

Lost To Fury

Third in the Series

Levi has met the love of his life.  Can he manage to control his wolf, or will Sophie be in danger every time she’s with him?

Julie must end her past life connections for their own good.  Can she walk away from the only people she knows as family forever for Luke, the man she can’t live without?

Malik has been tasked with gathering other young rogue wolves to raise the number of “breeders” his Alpha keeps.  With his inflated ego and self-importance, will he know when to walk away for his own good or will his greed cause him to regret his decisions?


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That was probably my favorite book that I have read from you!  It was intriguing.  I didn't want to put it down.  The mystery from the different things going on reminded me of a twilight book.  I caught myself going, "Why can't I be in a world like this!"  haha  I wanna be a  werewolf!  But, it really pulls you into the story, draws your attentioin near.  I caught myself multiple times picturing it as an image in my brain going, "I wonder what they look like."  At one point I was like, "dang, this would make a great movie!"  It was absolutely incredible.  Love, love, loved this book!                                                                        C. Hyatt

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The Adventures of Sunny the Mouse


The Adventures of Sunny the Mouse is getting a make over!  Each book will have two stories in it with newly colored illustrations!  In the last book, Book 4, it will include a new story not yet seen!  Take a look at the newly designed cover! - - - 


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Jenny's Magic Spell -
Jenny the Witch series


The Sweetwater Pack series -   (Book Two)

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The Beast Within -- I wasn't sure I would be interested in this book so picked it up and started to read the Prologue. Once read, I could not put it down. It grabs you from the onset which continues until the end. Each turn you cannot anticipate nor predict what the next move will be. Filled with suspense and anticipation, you really did not know how it would all end until you got there and still, know there is more to come. I look forward to the sequel. Awesome job to the Author Terri Smith.                                               C. Goss

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This is a delightful book. Easy to read to little ones and perfect for young readers. This book tells sweet stories and teaches lessons along the way. My grandchildren loved listening to the 8 different adventures and we have read this book over and over. The illustrations appeal to them and the stories were easy to follow. They enjoyed the rhythmical way it was written and the stories held their attention. This is a perfect book to share with everyone you know. I hope there will be more books to follow.                          R.Carr

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