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TRADITIONS - The Sweetwater Pack Series - (Book 1)

Reika is turning 18 very soon and her alpha father says she must choose a mate by then or he'll choose for her!  She wants her choice made from love, not by pack traditions with the mate chosen only from within the pack. A rival pack alpha notices her and plots a chance meeting.  Could she be what he's been waiting for all these years?  Will her father even give him a chance, or would he be walking into his own death.  Time is quickly running out and her stubbornness says she will have her own way, but will her choice cost her more than she can pay?.


6X9 Print size, 228 pages, with  glossy cover.

YA paranormal / Fantasy 

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THE ALLIANCE - Traditions - (Book 2)

Reika has chosen Foster Kennedy, alpha to the Carbon County pack, as her life mate. Her father, Silas Collins, alpha to the Sweetwater Pack, accepts this match. Both alphas agree to the need for an alliance between them, the two largest packs, to insure the safety of all within the state. The problem is getting their older council members, who lived during the early violent days between the two rival packs, to agree to the alliance. 
Kade Owen is the cruel leader of a rogue pack that is sweeping through the territories, destroying everything in it's path. After seeing Reika and Foster together, Kade has decided he wants Reika for his own. Can he handle taking on both packs, to walk away with the prize he desires, taking Reika into a violent, hostile world, or will the two packs be able to show him he's taken on more than he bargained for? Time will tell!

6X9 Print size, 288 pages, glossy cover   YA Paranormal/Fantasy -

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