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Jen Proud reviewed Stormer: The White Shepherd

 What a cute story about a White (German) Shepherd! ... August 8, 2015

What a cute story about a White (German) Shepherd! I bought 2 copies, one for myself and one for the local library. The story is both personal and FACTUAL, bringing history of the German Shepherd Dog and the whites too
I hope the author writes more stories about "Stormer"!

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Kimberly King reviewed Stormer: The White Shepherd

 Terri Vest, Author has presented the positivity of a shepherd regardless of color. July 13, 2015

I purchased this book for my granddaughter and myself. A brilliant short story that clearly depicts the color prejudice in the shepherd breed. A positive view of Stormer's ability and talent that will help prevail over the negative views some have about a white coated shepherd dog.

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Cindy Goss reviewed Stormer: The White Shepherd

 Terri Vest's Best Work! July 10, 2015

Terri Vest certainly has captured a realistic approach to addressing a real life challenge for many who own white shepherds with similar struggles.
Her uncanny ability to tell a story regarding historic issues surrounding white shepherds in short was amazing. It offers a hint of what it is like to be judged and unaccepted simply by mere color. Through education and perseverance, she demonstrates how to work through prejudices in a positive manner instilling love and compassion to her readers. Children and adults alike; will certainly enjoy reading the adventures of Stormer and revel in his accomplishments toward a happy ending. Leann Schmitt’s illustration was beautiful and really captured Stormer’s sweetness and his ability to work through life’s challenges.

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Lynda reviewed Stormer: The White Shepherd

 The story is very nicely written and the illustration's are great July 3, 2015

Lovely book for any dog lover family, The story is very nicely written and the illustration's are great. I am a adult and I enjoyed reading this book and will be getting a couple more for my grand children.

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R. Carr reviewed The Adventures of Sunny The Mouse

 Wonderful book! June 14, 2009

This is a delightful book. Easy to read to little ones and perfect for young readers. This book tells sweet stories and teaches lessons along the way. My grandchildren loved listening to the 8 different adventures and we have read this book over and over. The illustrations appeal to them and the stories were easy to follow. They enjoyed the rhythmical way it was written and the stories held their attention. This is a perfect book to share with everyone you know. I hope there will be more books to follow.

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Arleen Ravaelli reviewed The Adventures of Sunny The Mouse

 Wonderful Children's Book May 27, 2008

My Grand Daughter loves this book, and even took it to school to share with her class !!!
The length of the stories in it are perfect for bed time reading.
The stories brought up questions and inspired thought for this 4 year old on issues such as where certain animals live and other topics discussed.
I highly recommend this book to any one who loves to read stories with their little ones.
I can not wait for the next one from this author :-)

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S. Ewart reviewed The Adventures of Sunny The Mouse

Sunny The Mouse May 19, 2008

The stories and life-lessons of Sunny Mouse are wonderful messages. I'm proud to share this book with my family.

After reading the dedication, and this book from cover to cover, it's obvious that this project was written with much care and forethought. Writing a children's book cannot be an easy task in this "PC" world. Every page was a delight!

I think the author did a tremendous job, and I really hope she is inspired to write another book.

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5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome job to the Author Terri Smith

By Cindy Goss  on November 30, 2016

I wasn't sure I would be interested in this book so picked it up and started to read the Prologue. Once read, I could not put it down. It grabs you from the onset which continues until the end. Each turn you cannot anticipate nor predict what the next move will be. Filled with suspense and anticipation, you really did not know how it would all end until you got there and still, know there is more to come. I look forward to the sequel. Awesome job to the Author Terri Smith.

5.0 out of 5 starsI took a chance and read it and I very much enjoyed it! It's a book that drags you in ...

By Amazon Customer on November 30, 2016

Typically, I'm not the biggest fan of these kind of books. But, I took a chance and read it and I very much enjoyed it! It's a book that drags you in and just makes you want to keep reading! This has been my favorite book I have ever read! I would much recommend this book to anyone and EVERYONE!

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