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Wonders Why & Toad FRONT.jpg

Sunny Wonders Why - & - Sunny and the Toad  


Sunny Wonders Why -- Sunny goes outside to enjoy his day and finds himself wondering about the color of the sky.  Joey comes along and together they let their imagination run wild with what it would be like if it was different colors.  

Sunny and the Toad --As Sunny  is walking down the road, he comes across Toad and sees that he's on his way to a fancy affair.  Asking to come along, Sunny will meet new people, enjoy games and make a special new friend.

Published: May 5th 2023

6x9 print size, 45 Pgs, full color, large print, Glossy cover, 

Pre-school - 1st  grade level


$4 s/h included in PayPal button

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Sunny Finds a New Home & Home Alone   (Book 1)

In this first  book of Sunny's Adventures, Maggie the groundhog will show him how to be a good friend and he'll go on a sleepover at Grandma Mouse's house.  Sunny's rhythmical journeys are perfect for children in early elementary.

Preschool - 2nd grade

6X9 Print size, 43 pgs, full color illustrations, glossy finish

BUY NOW BUTTON: $7.00 + $4.00 S/H  -  S/H  in PayPal details

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Jenny and her brother Chris have a typical sibling relationship. She loves her brother as long as he doesn't get under foot.  After studying several books on magic, she decides to see if she can solve the problem of his pestering.  Oh NO!  What has she done!? Her efforts bring surprising results!

6x9 print size, 40 -full color Pgs, Glossy cover, 

2nd - 3rd grade level

BUY NOW BUTTON: $6.50   $4 s/h       S/H in PayPal details

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THE ALLIANCE - Traditions - (Book 2)

Reika has chosen Foster Kennedy, alpha to the Carbon County pack, as her life mate. Her father, Silas Collins, alpha to the Sweetwater Pack, accepts this match. Both alphas agree to the need for an alliance between them, the two largest packs, to insure the safety of all within the state. The problem is getting their older council members, who lived during the early violent days between the two rival packs, to agree to the alliance. 
Kade Owen is the cruel leader of a rogue pack that is sweeping through the territories, destroying everything in it's path. After seeing Reika and Foster together, Kade has decided he wants Reika for his own. Can he handle taking on both packs, to walk away with the prize he desires, taking Reika into a violent, hostile world, or will the two packs be able to show him he's taken on more than he bargained for? Time will tell!

6X9 Print size, 288 pages, glossy cover   YA Paranormal/Fantasy -

BUY NOW BUTTON:  $7.50 + $5.00 S/H -  S/H in PayPal details

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TRADITIONS - The Sweetwater Pack Series - (book 1)

Reika is turning 18 very soon and her alpha father says she must choose a mate by then or he'll choose for her!  She wants her choice made from love, not by pack traditions with the mate chosen only from within the pack. A rival pack alpha notices her and plots a chance meeting.  Could she be what he's been waiting for all these years?  Will her father even give him a chance, or would he be walking into his own death.  Time is quickly running out and her stubbornness says she will have her own way, but will her choice cost her more than she can pay?.


6X9 Print size, 228 pages, with  glossy cover.

YA paranormal / Fantasy 

BUY NOW BUTTON:  $6.75 + $4.50 S/H - S/H in PayPal details

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the evil within02_edited.jpg


George and Joanne are finally on vacation and now planning to take the kids camping in the local State park.  Joe Warner, Senior Forest Ranger is a co-worker and long time friend of George.  Joe warns him of some trouble in the park, but both are confident of George's skills, so they ignore the warnings issued by Park Officials.


Levi is losing time and finding himself in places he'd never choose to be.  Signs of violence seem to be following him and he wonders if he is somehow involved, and if so, can he be stopped.


George and Levi's paths will cross with terrifying consequences, and one will find himself regretting this more than the other.


"Evil is not something super human, it's something less than human."  Agatha Christie


YA paranormal / Fantasy 

5X8 Print Size, 46 pgs novella,  matte finish - new illustration, glossy finish coming soon

BUY NOW BUTTON:  $2.50  + $4.00 S/H -      S/H  in PayPal details

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the beast within02.jpg


This is my first full novel -  about Riley McCallister - a girl who lost her parents on a camping trip long ago - which she has no memory of, and a future no one could ever expect!

It is the follow up to the novella - "The Evil Within"

YA Paranormal / Fantasy

5X8 Print size, 272 pgs,  Matte finish cover - new illustration, glossy finish coming soon!

BUY NOW BUTTON:  $7.50 + $5.00 S/H  -       S/H in PayPal details

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ebook cover07.jpg

LOST TO FURY   (Book 3)

Levi has met the love of his life.  Can he manage to control his wolf, or will Sophie be in danger every time she’s with him?

Julie must end her past life connections for their own good.  Can she walk away from the only people she knows as family forever for Luke, the man she can’t live without?

Malik has been tasked with gathering other young rogue wolves to raise the number of “breeders” his Alpha keeps.  With his inflated ego and self-importance, will he know when to walk away for his own good or will his greed cause him to regret his decisions?

This title is the follow up to the novella - "The Evil Within" and the novel - "The Beast Within"

YA Paranormal / Fantasy

5X8 Print size, 320 pgs,  Glossy finish cover - new illustration, glossy finish coming soon!

BUY NOW BUTTON: Selling price of $7.00 + $5.00 S/H  -  S/H in PayPal details

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This book is written in Rhyme and is geared for 1st - 3rd.  It tells of Stormer's journey in life and how his mother helped him believe in himself and strive for higher than what many expected.  It is a fact based story out of the history of the White Shepherd.


8X10 Print size, 27 pgs, full color illustrations, glossy finish

BUY NOW BUTTON: $6.50 + $4.00 S/H  -  S/H  in PayPal details

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This is my first book and was originally published through Trafford Publishing in 2008.   It Contains 7 stories that gently lead children toward making the right choices, valuing their friends and enjoying all parts of a holiday.  

Through the author - It includes a free bookmark and sells for $15 till gone -  S/H included in PayPal Details!! 

- LIMITED COPIES in this book size AVAIILABLE only through the author

  New artwork, format and pricing coming in 2019

PreK to 2nd grade.  

8X10 Print size, 83 Pages, Semi-Gloss finish       (Coming in 2019 - 2 stories per book, new design, new illustrations)

Only Through Author - $15 with S/H

BUY NOW BUTTON: $10.00+ $5.00 s/h  (in the US) 

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Amazon- coming soon


This book is written in honor of my mother who passed in 2011.  It contains stories she wrote, childhood experiences, and through to the end of her journey.

I'm listing this book here not only as one of my creations, but so that it's available to any family member or friend that has a desire to feel closer to her, to enjoy HER writings, and to be with her to the end.

You can use the buttons below to contact me to arrange for a special family price to purchase through me - since this wasn't done to earn money - or you can pay a little more and probably get it quicker.  Either way you choose, I hope you enjoy looking back through time with her and in remembering the wonderful person she was!

Familly can contact me directly at: for family rates

Friends- the Buy Now button:   $11.00 +  $5.00 shipping charge - which is already included in the PayPal information.  

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