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The Trials of Self Publishing

So, as you all know, I have new covers for two of my books. I sent in an order for new copies of the The Evil Within and OH MY GOSH!! They were a shocker! My picture that, granted - was varying shades of gray tones from light to dark - was now mostly BLACK. AND - the printing wasn't even consistent. Half were a big blob of black mostly and the other half was SOME gray tones and slight definition.

Luckily - I've contacted KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing - which is taking over Createspace - looked into it, sent it back to the Createspace printing location and they are reprinting them. This is when it's good that I'm not REALLY popular - so there aren't a lot of people with the first printing copies!

I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of new copies of The Beast Within as I type! :D

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